Robert Andrew Navar

Robert started his Traffic Ticket business  after seeing how much El Paso residents struggled with traffic tickets. Notices went to the wrong address. Warrants landed working parents in jail. Convictions saddled people with fines, surcharges, and license suspensions.  No one has time for that!

Robert wanted a quick, easy, inexpensive way to help the most people she could with a very common problem. 

After seeing how Traffic Tickets 915 helped the community, Robert decided to use this digital platform to help Texans all over the state. Traffic Tickets Texas is rapidly expanding Texans’ access to legal representation through technology. 

Born and raised in El Paso , Robert attended Law School at SMU decided to come back to El Paso and serve his community.

Robert began his career as an assistant prosecutor legal career at the El Paso County District Attorneys Office.  Since then, he has been part of a trial team in all types of criminal cases. Robert is committed to the rights of the people of this community.  He continues to defend clients in all types of criminal cases.  It is Roberts goal to be directly available at any time.  His staff is always available ensure that support is always only a text message away!

Lawyer for Traffic Tickets, Ticket Attorney for all types of violations

Traffic Tickets Texas: Protect Your Wallet, Time, and License with Our Criminal Defense Lawyers

Most Texans don’t know the real consequences of traffic convictions. Lost money, lost time, and sometimes, lost licenses. That’s why we started Traffic Tickets Texas. Traffic tickets are considered criminal convictions. We are real criminal defense lawyers fighting for your rights.

Fight every traffic ticket. Your driving record depends on it!

Traffic tickets cost money. If you decide to pay your ticket, you’ll be out hundreds of dollars in fines and court costs.

For more information about the consequences of traffic tickets, click HERE

Lawyer Robert Navar handles everything for you. No missed work. No court. No stress. We will keep you up to date as the status of your case changes.

We Fight

El Paso Police Department officers write thousands of traffic citations a week.  Thousands. 

Speeding Violations

no licenses

no insurance

Stop Sign - Red Light


Other types of moving violations

Other types of moving violations

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